Mud Therapy For Natural Constipation Remedy

Earth is one of five elements of mother nature, which consists our body.

When all the elements of nature are in equilibrium, the body and mind are healthy and the body becomes disease free. Out of the five elements, mud represents the earth element. Mud therapy has been found to be really helpful in dealing with many diseases including constipation. Mahatma Gandhi also used to practice Mud Therapy to get relief from Constipation.

Mud therapy is commonly applied due to its numerous health benefits. The nature cure therapists apply mud therapy to treat many diseases in the body including wounds, boils, bruises and several other diseases. Usually mud therapy is used coupled with other therapies like hydrotherapy. Mud therapy uses clay and it is applied on various body parts. Mud therapy flushes out or reduces the harmful toxins since mud pack absorbs toxins from the body. Mud pack opens up the skin pores, improves the blood flow to the skin, and relieves the congestion and and reduces heat in the body. Mud therapy had been found to be quite useful in constipation.

Features of Mud Therapy

1. Since mud retains moisture for a long time, it cools the body part when applied and kept for the duration of the treatment.
2. In case of constipation, mud therapy calms the stomach and eliminates intestinal heat and eliminates constipation.
3. Mud is low-cost and readily available. You can also buy it online.

How to do Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is a very simple treatment and really effective. The mud used for this should be unpolluted and taken from 3 to 4 ft. depth from the surface of the ground. Usually the mud near the water bodies which is black in color is ideal. There should be no contamination of stone pieces or chemical manures etc. in the mud. It would good if before utilizing, mud is dried, powdered and sieved to remove small stones, grass particles and other wastes.

Mix the mud with water and knead it adding water in proper quantity so that the mud is neither too tight nor containing too much of water. Place the mud on patient’s entire stomach area. The time of the mud pack application should be around 50 to 60 minutes and repeated for three days. About an hour later take bath with preferably cold water and if it is too cold you can use warm water. Wrap a blanket after you take bath.

How it Works

Applying mud on the abdomen absorbs the heat and activates the bowel. It is effective in decreasing intestinal heat and stimulates bowel movement hence helping in elimination of stool. When applied to abdomen it provides relief in all forms of indigestion and other stomach disorders.

Some other Benefits of Mud Therapy

1. Stomach pain, arthritis patients also benefits from mud therapy.
2. Application of the pack around the eyes is useful in cases of conjunctivitis, hemorrhages in the eyeball, itching, allergy, errors of refraction like short sight and long sight and especially helpful in glaucoma where it helps to reduce eyeball pressure.
3. Mud pack placed on head has been found to be helpful in severe headache and provides quick relief from the pain.
4. Many skin diseases are also cured and the skin gets a luster.

A Natural Remedy For Underactive Thyroid

A thyroid that produces fewer hormones than necessary can cause many problems which may be alleviated by a natural remedy. If the thyroid produces an inadequate amount of hormones this can cause symptoms that might not initially be associated with hypothyroidism. The common indicators of hormonal imbalance can include, but certainly are not limited to, weight gain, lack of sleep, feeling tired and sluggish and reduced alertness. Yet, for some, these symptoms of hypothyroidism may be relieved by a natural therapy.

If the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, the body becomes unable to carry out vital functions. The thyroid gland produces a stimulating hormone (THS) which maintains the functionality and metabolic balance of many of the body’s organs. This hormone determines how fast or slow the organs operate, as well as how efficiently they function. Hypothyroidism occurs when hormones are not produced by the thyroid causing energy levels to decrease throughout the body. All of these effects are due to a hormonal imbalance, but can be detected by getting your thyroid hormone levels checked on a regular basis. These problems may be improved and even prevented with the use of specific herbs or a natural therapy for underactive thyroid.

To improve thyroid health, particularly using a natural remedy for underactive thyroid, there are many “best practices” aimed at increasing your hormonal level. Some people react very positively to a particular natural therapy and not to others; as with almost everything each person’s sensitivity to a particular food, supplement, medication, etc. varies by gender, age, race, life-style, experience (exposure to external influences, extreme cases such as asbestos exposure), allergic susceptibility, heredity, along with others.

One natural therapy for underactive thyroid is Coconut Oil, which is used most to help lose weight that is put on when experiencing thyroid troubles. Coconut oil is used for hypothyroidism, giving people the energy needed to lose weight and maintain a more active lifestyle. A diet including 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil daily may make a dramatic difference in an underactive thyroid patient’s weight, mood, hormonal balance, and energy. Granted, there must be some effort put in to lose the weight, but the coconut oil diet can improve your health in a safe and effective way while suffering with hypothyroidism. By taking 3-5 tablespoons a day, over time you will regain the normal functions of a body with a healthy thyroid.

Additionally, one contributor to a thyroid producing insufficient hormone levels may be an unhealthy diet and improper eating habits. A lack of energy is one result from having an underactive thyroid gland. A lack of energy can cause a person not to exercise enough. Insufficient exercise along with an unhealthy diet may lead to weight gain. This is a self-reinforcing cycle that may be broken by addressing the underlying cause – hypothyroidism. A simple foundation of good thyroid health is a supportive and preventative diet.
Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid which increases metabolism and adds energy to your body which is necessary for the successful loss of weight. For people with a low thyroid gland function, this natural remedy for hypothyroidism is one key to regaining proper body functioning. Physical activity is another key. Sustaining sufficient hormonal levels and a balanced metabolism is crucial to one’s well being, especially when experiencing symptoms of underactive thyroid. With thyroid gland issues, many different afflictions may occur as a result. Although the coconut oil diet does not cover all of these afflictions or symptoms, it may alleviate some very significant issues caused by hypothyroidism.

There are many effective, natural ways to increase your thyroid gland activity. A healthy coconut oil diet can support the thyroid and giving you the energy needed to lead a more active lifestyle.

Coconut Oil – one natural therapy for underactive thyroid problems. Always check with your health care professional if you suspect you have hypothyroidism.

Natural Cure For Breast Cancer With Coffee Enemas

I learned about coffee enemas when searching for a natural treatment for breast cancer. After careful consideration of all my options, including chemotherapy and radiation, I chose the Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

At first I was hesitant about the use of coffee enemas as part of the therapy, but faced with a life threatening disease I was willing to try this strange sounding procedure. Much to my surprise I found it to be an easy and refreshing treatment that I actually enjoyed. I immediately felt lighter, happier and more limber.

Organic coffee is a powerful agent for detoxifying. When taken as an enema it purifies the liver and its stored negative emotions, like worry, anger and fear. It gives great relief for both body and mind while fighting cancer.

According to the Gerson Therapy, the caffeine in coffee administered as an enema detoxifies the liver. The coffee enema is retained for about 10 minutes. All of the body’s blood passes through the liver every three minutes. As this vital fluid passes through the caffeinated liver, the blood serum is detoxified.

Coffee enemas flush toxic bile from the liver which further affects the body’s enzymatic catalyst, known as glutathion S-transferase (GST). The GST is increased in quantity by 700 percent by a coffee enema—an excellent physiological effect, because the GST enzyme destroys free radicals.

Discovered by Dr. Max Gerson while serving as a medic in World War I, the coffee enema was found to relieve pain and accelerate healing in wounded soldiers. It later became a part of The Gerson Therapy, a natural regime he developed for healing cancer.

The coffee enema, combined with the Gerson Therapy diet of fresh organic juices, vegetarian foods and supplements, has proved to be an effective method for combatting breast cancer. Flooding the body with nutrition while eliminating toxins boosts the body’s cancer fighting ability and allows it to heal naturally. Within just a few months, my tests confirmed that the cancer was in remission. Not only did I avoid the terrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, but I learned to take control of my health and rebuild my body to be strong and resilient. It’s not easy to step out of the box of traditional cancer treatment and try an alternative therapy. It requires great strength, optimism and trust in the body’s natural healing power.

Since undergoing the Gerson Therapy five years ago, I have been enjoying radiant health and strength. I still do coffee enemas a couple of times a month as a preventative measure and to keep my liver strong and healthy.

Friends often ask me if they can do coffee enemas for various health complaints, and the answer is yes! It’s a great cleanse that will help improve digestion, complexion, allergies, immunity, arthritis, and many degenerative diseases. I have scribbled out the recipe for people many times on the back of a napkin or envelope. Now I have finally created a blog to share and discuss the procedure, recipe and benefits.

I also recommend that if you are seriously ill, contact the Gerson Institute and undergo the full treatment for your disease—whether as an alternative to conventional medicine, or as a supplement to help purify the system after chemotherapy.

As a breast cancer survivor, I encourage anyone faced with this disease to research their alternatives for natural treatment and not to overlook the healing wonders of the body—and of coffee enemas!

Massage Therapy Can Address Infertility In Bradenton And Sarasota Fl

Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial for many health conditions. Did you know, though, that therapeutic massage can also address infertility? If you are struggling with the issue of infertility, there are massage therapy spas you can access in Bradenton and Sarasota FL.

The ancient Mayan abdominal massage technique, for example, is said to be able to reposition internal organs that have shifted out of their natural placements, restoring the restricted flow of blood, lymph fluids and chi energy. This benefits the reproductive system of both men and women.

For women, infertility has been known to be corrected by the Mayan abdominal massage technique. Other conditions that have benefited from this treatment include displaced or prolapsed uterus or bladder, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis, bladder or yeast infections, painful periods and ovulation, irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation, peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms, PMS and depression with menstruation. It has helped women prone to miscarriages and difficult pregnancies. It has also been used as care during pregnancy and as an aid in labor and delivery.

For men, impotence and erectile dysfunction has been known to have been corrected by the Mayan abdominal massage technique. It has also been beneficial in the treatment of early stages of prostate swelling, mild prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and premature ejaculation.

In both men and women, the Mayan abdominal massage technique has been beneficial in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease, Gastro Esophogeal Reflux (GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gastritis, digestive disorders, chronic constipation, chronic indigestion or heartburn, urinary and bladder problems, lower back pain, headaches and migraines, restricted breathing due to tension, varicose veins and low energy.

The Mayan abdominal massage technique shifts a woman’s uterus back into place when displaced. The proper placement of the uterus is in the center of the pelvis, slightly over the bladder and above the pubic bone. A displaced uterus is called tilted or prolapsed in conventional modern medicine. This happens when the uterine ligaments weaken and loosen due to various factors including weak pelvic floor muscles, overstretching during pregnancy and birth, past surgeries, injury to the sacrum or tailbone from an accident, chronic muscle spasms in the lower back and sacrum, high impact exercise, lifting and carrying heavy objects, age and gravity, and even emotional abuse.

When the uterus is out of place, the flow of blood and lymph fluid is constricted and nerve connections are disrupted. This causes a host of health issues. Restoring the uterus to its place allows homeostasis or the natural body balance to occur, flushing out toxins and circulating much needed nutrients to balance hormones and body function.

The Mayan abdominal massage technique restores full and proper blood supply to a man’s prostate, relieving and preventing swelling and inflammation.

In both sexes, the Mayan abdominal massage technique loosens any tight muscles in the diaphragm and stomach area, freeing the arteries that bring necessary blood supply to the digestive and eliminative organs.

About 30% of couples who have undergone Mayan abdominal massage treatment for infertility have been able to conceive successfully. The treatment has been proven to be more beneficial when both partners go through it.

Aside from the Mayan abdominal massage, there are other massage therapy techniques that are just as beneficial. There is reflexology, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage. Once the goal has been achieved and the woman gets pregnant, pregnancy massage can continue to take care of her and the baby. All these therapeutic massage techniques can be requested from professional massage therapists in Bradenton and Sarasota FL.

Before trying expensive clinical treatments for infertility, why not try massage therapy from a nearby professional therapeutic massage spa in Bradenton or Sarasota FL?

What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is simply the professional therapeutic ability to use artwork that has been done by individuals who desire personal development. This development has not been able to be achieved, due to trauma, personal crisis, illness, and certain challenges that have affected their life. People of all ages use art therapy, done by a professional art therapist who has been trained extensively about the human development, artistic traditions in a multitude of cultures, psychological theories, and the healing abilities regarding the use of art. Services are provided to these individuals through art therapy because they cannot articulate through words, emotions, and feelings about their true state of mind. The professional settings that participate with art therapy methods are mental health services, rehabilitation, medical institutions, education services, nursing homes, corporations, forensic agencies, community outreach, and independent practices. Strict standards for art therapy have been established by the American Art Therapy Association, Inc. (AATA) and The Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc. (ATCB). Some individual states regulate their own practices of art therapy, while other states allow art therapists to become licensed counselors or mental health therapists. These art therapists utilize art-based assessment instruments to determine their client’s level of functioning. From this they are able to formulate a certain level of treatment objectives, decide what strengths and weaknesses their client has, gaining a better understanding of who their client is and the problems they have, and be able to evaluate their client’s progress. The Master level of training and education for an art therapist is mandatory, as ensuring the appropriate usage and application of drawing tests, evaluation of the instrument validity, and its reliability is extremely important to better serve the client. According to Donna J. Betts, Ph.D., ATR-BC, in her 2005 Doctoral Dissertation, some of the top art therapy tests that can be used are: Favorite Kind of Day (AFKOD) Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) Birds Nest Drawing (BND) Bridge Drawing Diagnostic Drawing Series (DDS) Child Diagnostic Drawing Series (CDDS)Rating instruments are also investigated, which can include: Descriptive Assessment of Psychiatric Art (DAPA) DDS Rating Guide and Drawing Analysis Form (DAF) Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS). These are just a few of the art therapy assessment tools that can be used by art therapists, in clinical settings or in research. Each art therapy tool is a structured assessment that are collected under standardized conditions. Most are developed to provide a compatibility with psychological testing and psychiatric evaluations: Art Therapy-Projective Imagery Assessment (ATPIA) Draw-A-Story Screening for Depression (DAS) Used to identify children and adolescents at risk for harming others or themselves. Through the artwork, it can be seen that significant differences will emerge between aggressive and non-aggressive groups in its emotional content and self-image, in addition to

Alternative Health Therapies Can Be an Effective Method of Care For Various Illnesses and Diseases

Alternative Health Therapies are practiced all over the world by various types of health care givers, using naturopathic and preventive methods for curing various diseases, that may be either psychological or physiological. Alternative therapies primarily originated from the Indian Sub-Continent and China around 4000 years ago. From the mid-eighteenth century, during the Popular Health Movement, alternative medicine began to be widely practiced in America. Some of the common methods that were, and still are, used in alternative health therapies are naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, aurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and nutritional-based therapies.

Practice of alternative medicine varies in its foundation and in its methodologies. It may be based on traditional techniques, spiritual beliefs, and even folk knowledge. Diseases like Scabies, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High/Low Blood Pressure etc. may be cured by these alternative therapies. Psychological Disorders and also chronic diseases like cancer can be treated by the long term use of alternative medicine therapies. The major advantage of these alternative therapies is that they don’t possess as many side-effects as those evidence-based methods that use drugs and surgery. Various holistic approaches make alternative health therapies very effective. There are hundreds of universities and research centers that study alternative medicine and therapies. The practitioners of these fields are called Naturopathic Doctors. Also, there are vast numbers of healthcare centers that provide these services for those people seeking alternative health care. As every aspect in every sector of the world leads towards digitization and focusing on information technology, alternative therapies have also reached the homes of people, who may not usually have access to these treatments, through internet based health monitoring system. Numerous tools and gadgets have been invented and used for such specific purposes. Such tools have various sensors and transducers that effectively pick up slight changes in patients’ reflexes and cellular changes during monitoring. Practitioners can then examine the reports and treat accordingly. Not all alternative health practitioners will have access to all these tools and resources Neither will they all have the experience and knowledge to practice using such advanced methods, so if you are interested in remote health care and monitoring it is important to choose your alternative health care practitioner wisely and to vet their experience.

More experienced practitioner of alternative medicine use advance techniques such as Bowen Therapy, Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) and Voice Remapping to treat their patients.

The important thing to remember about seeking alternative health treatments is that your practitioner will treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes. Alternative health therapies look to bring the body back into its natural balance by healing the mind, spirit and body. Only once this is achieved can the body begin to start healing itself.

Are you interested in learning more about alternative health therapies? Then visit us at to learn more about our therapies options and our practice.

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Major Holistic Health Therapies

Holistic health is the state in which we are whole, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, in rhythm and in harmony with nature and our environment. So where does anthroposophical medicine or Ayurvedic medicine fit into this? What have biochemical tissue salts got to do with my holistic health and why are homeopaths, naturopaths, herbalists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors, cranial sacro therapists so popular? If you’ve ever had an acupuncture session, done some qi gong or been to a cranial osteopath, you’d know that you feel better all over.

It isn’t just women that are enjoying the benefits of a regular massage these days, men have discovered it too.
We’re talking about the benefits of holistic health therapies

We all know the benefits of massage therapy – from the gentle stroke of a lover to a mother’s loving touch. It can play an important part in easing a wide range of health problems and is appropriate for almost any situation.
Some of the most popular holistic therapies are commonplace these days. Acupressure, aromatherapy, chiropractic, flower remedies, massage and nutritional therapies, osteopathy, reflexology, shiatsu and lymphatic drainage are everyday treatments that some of us consider part of life’s necessities. Gone are the days when these treatments were regarded as little luxuries.

In many ways, acupressure is something we all enjoy when our instincts tell us to rub or apply pressure to a painful or injured part of the body. Developing from this basic awareness, the ancient Chinese discovered that there were specific points on the body that could be pressed in order to relieve pain, tension or discomfort.
Aromatherapy is very trendy these days and it is a readily accessible, subtle therapy that uses highly concentrated essential oils from plants and trees that are used to improve well-being on a physical, emotional and metal level.

Chiropractic therapy manipulates the spine and other joints, and so gently encourages the body to carry out its functions in a balanced way as the spine returns to normal alignment.
The 38 Bach flower remedies are gaining an increasingly popular profile – I’m never without Rescue Remedy, the 5 flower formula that has become extremely popular as a non-addictive, gentle medicine for the treatment of symptoms arising from trauma, stress or accident.
With the increasing obesity of the western world, nutritional therapy is in ever increasing demand. We’ve all heard “you are what you eat” – it is one of the most fundamental strategies we can adopt to improve our sense of health and vitality and beyond that, we can use it as a therapy that can ease the symptoms of illness.

Osteopathy is an extremely popular system of wholistic medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and connecting tissue) and attempts to establish the greatest potential for health by restoring function and mobility to this system. Osteopaths view the person as a unit in which structure, function, mind and spirit need to be in balance for the maintenance of good health.
Reflexology involves applying gentle pressure to points on the feet and hands. The regulated pressure to certain parts of the feet has a therapeutic influence on those organs, glands and parts of the body that corresponds to the reflex being stimulated.

Shiatsu is a dynamic form of body treatment that uses a variety of different kinds of pressure and stretches to stimulate the flow of energy along pathways (or meridians) that criss-cross the surface of the body. It may be regarded as parallel to acupuncture in that it seeks to rebalance and harmonize the flow of essential energy (or qi – pronounced as chi) throughout the system as a whole and so enhances the body’s capacity for self healing

This list barely scratches the surface. The benefits of holistic health therapy vary from person to person and the specific impacts are as individual as we are. One fact remains, we all benefit from it.

Lizette le Clus-Fox is an ardent advocate for a holistic approach to health and runs [] and her ezine Wellness Thoughts provides regular in-depth information. To learn more about holistic health therapies [] visit her web site today!

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Marketing Alternative Health Therapies – The Benefit of Presentation Speaking Skills

In marketing alternative health therapies, presentation speaking skills are extremely important if you are using audio-visual means of marketing, running a teleconference or even addressing a live audience. Learning the speaking skills that will hold your audience is an important part of internet marketing if you intend to include these techniques as part of your promotional strategy. Nobody will stay with a presentation if you are stumbling over words or are unable to emphasis the right points at the correct times.

Here are some ways in which you improve your presentation speaking skills when marketing alternative health therapies even if you are among those proverbially ‘unaccustomed to public speaking’.

1. Know Your Material

You should make yourself completely familiar with what you are about to say. Never start off believing that you know your subject so well that you can ‘wing it’. Think of wedding speeches you have heard, and of those that impressed you and those that didn’t.

How about those where the best man read his speech out from endless sheets of paper, his face more often looking down than at his audience. Did that impress you? No, of course it didn’t, so that is lesson 1. Use notes with banner points or headings by all means, but do not read your presentation from the written material. You will quickly lose their interest, and when that happens you are beat.

So learn your presentation beforehand. Practice it time and again until you can present it with the aid of only one sheet of paper containing headings upon which you can expand from what you have learned. No ‘winging it’ from the headings, but expanding on the facts that you have memorized. Once your audience starts murmuring, then you have lost it.

There is a large variety of alternative health therapies available to the public, and their presentation can generate a great deal of interest if you learn how to do it in an interesting and compelling fashion.

2. Know your Audience

You should not only know your material, but also your audience. You should understand what they know already so you don’t bore them with basic material. If possible get to know the individuals, but if that is not possible you could include a small alternative health questionnaire or survey prior to the presentation: in fact along with the order form or registration form.

Ask a few questions about their previous experience and knowledge of energy work, life coaching, astrology or spiritual counseling, and then you will know where to pitch your presentation.

Many professional telemarketers carry out a brief survey of their audience before starting by asking a selected few to say who they are what they do, and judge their audience from the reaction to what these people say. They can then pitch their presentation from that, but they are professionals and you are not expected to be able to do that. Or perhaps you can, because you, too, are a professional in what you do.

However, the main point here is that the better you know your audience then the better you will be able to target your speaking skills to them. You won’t bore them with what they already know, and equally will not be way over their heads which will be equally self-defeating.

3. Present Examples

Present some examples or tell some stories about how others have benefited from your method of healing. Get them to relate their own experience if possible, but give your audience something concrete with which to relate. People react better to real life examples than to promises or claims, so use these where possible. That is one of the fundamental rules of presentation speaking skills, and if you can persuade somebody who has benefited from alternative health therapies to relate their experience, then you could have a winning presentation.

4. Keep it Lighthearted

Try not to appear too pompous or serious when making your presentation: alternative health therapies are more easily sold to the public if they do not make outlandish claims, and if they are presented in a lighthearted fashion. Try to introduce humor along with your examples, such as the guy who spent more money on nicotine patches than on cigarettes till he stopped smoking after two sessions with a hypnotherapist: better if you can name him (with his permission) or even introduce him to your audience.

Good presentation speaking skills will enable you to make a point without seeming fixated on it, and to present alternative energy healing, for example, as a viable alternative health therapy without getting too technical. People don’t like to be blinded by science and will accept energy heeling if presented in simple language.

One of the secrets to marketing alternative health therapies is to hone your presentation speaking skills to the point that your audience not only believe what you say, but are swayed by your common-sense arguments and light-hearted informal way of speaking without always reading from your notes: then they will believe you know your subject and that they can trust their health to your hands.

Then you will have achieved your objective and can start working on your next presentation of alternative health therapies in which you are involved.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article marketing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide’

Download it free here: Secrets of Article Promotion

Do you want more information on how to use presentation speaking skills to promote your alternative health business? check out where you will also learn how to market your own products to sell to your customers.

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Natural Health Therapies and Why Most People Don’t Use ThemNatural Health Therapies and Why Most People Don’t Use Them

It’s amazing how few of us in mainstream society make effective use of natural health therapies when we have an ongoing health problem or when we are stuck down by a minor sudden illness or affliction.

Of course I’m not suggesting that you avoid seeking medical attention when the need arises, but rather that you seek out and become educated in natural health cures and remedies for many of the more common ailments.

I think you will agree that powerful and often harsh drugs are often over prescribed to patients and there seems to be a strong bias of general practitioners for the use and even overuse of potent prescription medicine.

While being mindful of the many risks and side effects of taking strong medicines, many people have been asking if there is a better way to treat and even prevent ill health and in particular the less severe afflictions, diseases and medical complaints without resorting to strong medications which often present serious adverse side effects and even contributing to ongoing ill health.

Of course many medical professionals who practice what most see as mainstream medicine would argue that natural health therapies simply don’t replace mainstream medical practices. But that’s hardly the argument and I’m not suggesting that we need to replace our GP’s and doctors with natural therapists.

Of course on the other side of the coin you will easily find that most natural health practitioners love to point out that your average general practitioner and family doctor has a vested interest in supporting medications produced by huge drug companies and it’s a little disturbing that this is more than likely true!

Of course there is truth in both arguments but the question needs to be asked, does mainstream medicine have anything to fear and does natural health care actually work and provides an effective treatment for illness?

Well the truth of the matter is that natural health therapies are extremely effective preventative measures for illness and also are highly effective for almost all diseases especially when caught in the early stages of the illness, in some cases natural therapies are so effective that many family doctors are now converting to the prescription of natural therapies over the counter and prescription drugs.

Natural therapies, natural health nutrition and the use of herbs and other remedies have been around far longer than modern medicine and few would argue that natural remedies for ill health often pose very few in any noticeable side effects as opposed to prescription or over the counter drugs.

So why do many people ignore the prospect of using natural health remedies? Mostly it due to a lack of education and awareness, most people just assume that only a regular doctor can provide answers and prescribe solutions to even the most common and less serious medical conditions and ailments. So really it pays to be aware that there are other effective health remedies out there and to be educated in all the health options available and choose the best one for your ongoing health and well being.

John Salamon, a gym junkie and highly valuable resource for natural health therapies and preventative medicine through natural health nutrition.

Visit Natural Cures for Ill Health [] for a number of effective natural remedies.

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Magnetic Health Therapy – Gaining Popularity

Magnetic health therapy has been gaining popularity over the past few years as a method of natural treatment for many common health problems. Today the magnetic therapy industry in the United States exceeds $300 million dollars in sales per year. Products such as magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, and backs; shoe insoles, mattresses, and magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into the material) are quite common among health conscience people. These products fall into the class of static magnetics because just like the horseshoe magnet we played with as kids, the magnetic field of these products is ever present at steady field strength.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy is another form used for magnetic health therapy but unlike the static type, is a form of magnetics that is dynamic in its strength and duration. In order to produce a pulsed magnetic field, special electronic components coupled with a power source are required. Pulsating magnetic fields can be controlled and put into application in different ways. A well know application of pulsed magnetics is the MRI machine. Other emerging applications of pulsed magnetics are in the form of portable, personal devices for use in the home.

Pulsating magnetic fields are beneficial to the body by providing a stimulus to assist self healing. Some of the health problems that pulsed magnetic health therapy can help with are: Imbalances within the immune system (the immune system is vital in warding off illness), pain reduction (this includes chronic pain, sinus pain, migraines and headaches), relaxation (including physical tension, stress, and anxiety), allergies (hay fever and skin allergies), Dermatology (Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis), and accelerated recovery from a variety of illnesses (flu viruses & colds).

It is believed by supporters of magnetic therapy that all things on earth are affected and controlled by magnetic fields. A disruption in nature’s magnetic fields is believed to be a factor in the cause of a number of our human health issues. This belief is the reasoning behind magnetic therapy. Health products that transmit pulsed magnetic waves cause the flow of a small amount of electrical current within cells of the treatment area. This stimulus is complementary to the natural electrical current flow within our body, and assists the body’s ability to fight off or lessen the effects of illness.

Magnetism is a natural phenomenon that is ever present in our daily lives. We are surrounded by natural magnetic fields as well as various forms of man-made electromagnetics. Electric motors, transformers, communication equipment and a host of other devices are emitting magnetism into the environment around the clock. Unfortunately the man-made electromagnetics is not in phase with human frequencies so no benefit can be gained. Medical related, pulsed magnetics can be controlled and tuned to the natural frequencies of the human system. This tuning is complementary to natural frequencies of our bodies and provides a natural stimulus to assist in the healing process.

This article provided by Woody Longacre on behalf of Immune Sentry, Ltd. To learn about additional proactive health care please visit Magnetic Therapy at

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